About us

VEEDEEO GURU is an e-commerce platform that provides online marketplaces for services in a wide range of areas - from legal advice, health and wellness, education and many others.

This platform was created in Lisbon by a team of specialists in videocommunications and web platforms, responsible for the creation of VEEDEEO, an advanced enterprise video communications platform.

Our mission is to enable companies and independent professionals to sell their services online in a safe, easy and transparent way, similar to what happens nowadays with e-commerce products, providing a new way of contact and relationship with their customers.


Estrada de Paço de Arcos, 6 D,
2770-129 Paço de Arcos, Lisboa, PT
European Union

Tel (+351) 21 365 4000

Sales(+351) 21 365 4003sales@veedeeo.guru
Marketing and Public Relations(+351) 21 365 4004mkt@veedeeo.guru
Investors(+351) 21 365 4001investors@veedeeo.guru

For Customers

Através da VEEDEEO GURU, todos têm acesso a uma grande variedade de serviços - como aprender uma nova língua, obter conselhos de moda ou até aconselhamento legal - que podem procurar e comprar comodamente online e usufruir nas suas casas ou nos escritórios e clínicas dos profissionais.

A VEEDEEO GURU torna a compra de serviços mais transparente pois os clientes têm acesso à descrição dos profissionais, aos preços dos serviços e a avaliações reais de outros clientes para os ajudar a decidir.


For Independent Professionals

All independent professionals that want to expand their clients base find in VEEDEEO GURU an excellent opportunity. Simply create a free profile (zero cost and no monthly fees), manage bookings and provide the services with 100% guarantee of payment.

The platform is very intuitive and easy to use, with nothing to install, and only requires a computer or smartphone with internet access.


For Companies

VEEDEEO GURU is ideal for companies that provide personal consulting services, education services, legal counseling, psychological support and health and wellness services, among many other service areas.

With VEEDEEO GURU, your company will be able to sell your services online, in a simple and safe way, through a service portal with national reach.

Modernize your business and provide your customers with an innovative way to buy and deliver your services.