• Do I have to pay to create a profile?

    No: to create a profile in VEEDEEO GURU is 100% free and zero maintenance costs.

  • How can I manage my profile and appointments?

    When you create your profile you will have access to the management console, where you can define your hourly availability, price per session, average duration of sessions, describe the service you provide and manage your appointments. You can access the profile management console by logging in to your browser.

  • Do I have to install any software or plugin to use the VEEDEEO GURU's video call service?

    No. You can start your sessions directly on the VEEDEEO GURU platform by simply clicking a button. The session will start in your browser without you or your client having to install anything at all.

  • How much it costs to use VEEDEEO GURU?

    You do not have to pay to use the VEEDEEO GURU service. However, making a video call has an usage fee associated. The fee is not paid by you - it is included in the total amount paid by the customer. The value of the video-call service fee can be found in your profile managment console and add your price per session to reach your final price. For example, if the usage fee is 4€ and your price per session is 15€, set your final price to be 19€ per session.

  • Why is my profile validated before it becomes public?

    We want to ensure quality so you can attract the customers that interest you. That is why we help you build a good, strong profile before you make it public.

  • I've created my profile but I still don't have any customers. What can I do to promote my profile?

    From the moment you create your profile you can announce your new virtual office to all your contacts. Promote your profile on social networks, via email or the way you find most convenient to reach your target audience.

  • Can I refuse a customer?

    You can refuse a customer as long as there is a plausible justification and it does not violate our Discrimination Policy. Possible reasons to refuse a customers may be the impossibility of reconciling schedules, inadequate treatment when messages are exchanged, customer's frequency in buying sessions and not attending, among others that must be presented to the VEEDEEO GURU Support team and analyzed on a case-by-case basis . Please note that if you decline a customer, he or she will always be refunded.

  • Can I cancel a session?

    Yes. We only ask you to inform the customer in advance. The canceled session will be refunded to the customer.

  • How long does each session take?

    The time of your session may vary between 15 to 90 minutes. You can set the average time of your sessions on the profile management console.

  • My customer gave me a bad rating, but I consider it unfair. Do I get paid anyway?

    You will always get paid for your service even when the rating is poor. However, in situations of serious complaints against your service, which will be investigated by VEEDEEO GURU, it may be decided to refund the customer instead.

  • Can I manage the evaluations I receive?

    That management is made by VEEDEEO GURU. If you wish to remove any evaluation you consider less correct, contact the Support team.

  • How do I receive my payment?

    Payment for your service is made through Paypal. If you have not yet created an account, you can do it free at

  • Do I have to create an account to have access to a Guru's service?

    No. When you buy a session with a Guru we only ask for your email to send the session confirmation and link to join the video call.

  • What guarantee do I have that, after I pay, Guru will appear for the session?

    For your safety, when you purchase a session, VEEDEEO GURU retains the payment until the video call session takes place. Thus, if the session does not happen, you will be refunded the amount paid in full.

  • I've purchased and booked a session, but at the time and date an unforeseen event occurs. Can I reschedule the session or get my money back?

    If it is not possible to reschedule the session, we will refund the amount paid in full.

  • I've purchased and booked a session with a Guru but meanwhile I've found another Guru I like best. Is it possible to cancel the session with the first Guru?

    Yes. To cancel the session, contact the Support team.

  • Is it possible to book more than one session?

    You can buy as many session as you want with the same Guru, but you can not buy all at the same time. You must buy each session at a time.

  • Can I be customer and Guru at the same time?

    Of course. You can enjoy other Guru's services even if you have created your own Guru profile at our platform.

  • How can I use the services of a Guru?

    First of all, search for the profiles available on the marketplace that you are interested in. When you find a Guru you like, buy your session and set the best date for both. At the time and date, join the video call on your computer or smartphone by clicking on the link that will be sent to your email. After the session, you can leave your rating of the service provided, which will be published on the profile of the Guru.