Provide services online has never been easier

You run a service business. And you know the future is online. But selling and providing services online is much different than selling physical products. VEEDEEO GURU is a new integrated platform designed to make services e-commerce simple and accessible to every company. Open a new point of contact with your company and reach more customers at lower cost. Provide online training, advisory and consultancy or support in real-time through high-quality video calls.

All-in-one cloud system . Integrated, secure payments . Enterprise-grade video conferencing
Save your Budget

Reduce office rents and logistic costs

Reach more Customers

Break geographic boundaries

Modernize your Business

Provide a new way of serving your customers

Easy to Use

Nothing to install. Intuitive for customers and employees.

[1]All features you need for online success

Personalized with your brand

Customize your online store with your own logo and header images to keep your customers engaged with your brand identity.

Integrated Payments

Integrate your online service store with PayPal® and Stripe® to receive payments directly into your merchant accounts.

Scheduled and On-demand

Have your customers book a session in advanced or start a session in the moment so that you don't lose any business opportunity.

Integrated Customer Messaging

Have a new contact channel available and engage with your customers even before they book their sessions. Includes automatic SMS notifications.

Enterprise-grade virtual meeting rooms

Take advantage of the best virtual meeting rooms provided by VEEDEEO. Includes screen-sharing, online file transfer, session recording, multi-point sessions and much more!

Meet by PC, Smartphone, VC System and more!

Offer your customers and employees the freedom to connect to the virtual meeting room using the device and interface of their preference - including phone-only conferencing and Skype for Business®.

[2]Suited for a variety of service industries

Online Psychology Clinics

Increase the comfort and privacy of your customer providing remote consultations.

Online Legal Advice

Sell your legal services online and reach customers worldwide.

Online Banking Counters

Provide online support and financial advisory to your customers through video call.

Online Consulting

Reach customers all over the country - or all over the world - to sell advisory services in any area.

Online Medical Advice

Reach your patients faster and without the need to travel through online consultations.

Online Education

Provide personalized training and student support through interactive 1-to-1 online sessions.

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Guru Business
Guru Business
Guru Business
Enterprise Plus
Session Booking check check check
On-demand Sessions check check check
Online chat check check check
Customer messaging check check check
Personalized branding Profiles Profiles and Store Profiles, Store and
Virtual Rooms
Integrated payment gateways: PayPal® and Stripe® check check check
Enterprise-grade virtual meeting rooms check check check
Centralized profile management check check check
Profiles visible at the public VEEDEEO GURU marketplaces check Optional Optional
Free sessions for online customer support - check check
Integrated phone conference - check check
Session recording - check check
Multipoint sessions - - check
Enterprise Video Cloud Service by VEEDEEO - - check
Number of profiles 5+ 5+ unlimited
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[4]VEEDEEO GURU for Business

Branded Business Profiles

Stand out from the crown and have your corporate identity - company name and logo - displayed in the profiles of all your professionals present at the VEEDEEO GURU Marketplaces.

Provide a new and innovative way to sell and serve services to your customers through online booking and high quality video meetings.

Fully Branded E-commerce Service Stores

Have your own exclusive service marketplace, customized with your corporate images, logo and headlines.

Sell your services online or provide free support and conseling to your customers through branded virtual meeting rooms.

Virtual Counters

Provide a superior experience to your customers by having a virtual counter available for real-time video support.

Engage your customers with an integrated online chat and upgrade the text conversation to a face-to-face meeting.

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