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Frequent Questions

  • checkDo I have to create an account to buy a service in VEEDEEO GURU?
    No. When you buy a service, we only need your email and ephone number (optional) to send you the confirmation of your reservation.
  • checkWhat guarantee do I have that, after payment, the professional provides the service?
    For your safety, when you buy a service, VEEDEEO GURU keeps the payment until the service is provided. Therefor, if the session is not held, you will be reimbursed for the amount paid in full.
  • checkIs it possible to cancel a service with a professional and choose another instead?
    Yes, services can be cancelled until 24 hours previous to the scheduled date. To cancel the service simply contact our support team.
  • checkI had an unforeseen event and I can not attend on the confirmed date. What can I do?
    First of all, we suggest you to send a message to the professional to inform of the unforseen event. After that, you can reschedule the service at session the management page. If you need any help, you can get in touch with our support team to reschedule with the professional.
  • checkCan I be a customer and service provider at the same time?
    Of course! Enjoy the services provided by other professionals whenever you want even if you are a service provider yourself.
  • checkHow can I pay for a service?
    You can easily pay with Paypal or credid card.
  • checkHow are services provided?
    Services on sale at VEEDEEO GURU can be provided on-prem at the office, store or clinic of the professional, or remotely by video call. Each professional defines types of services in their profiles: on-prem or video call services - or both. When booking, you can choose what type of service you prefer.
  • checkIf the service is provided on-prem, it is possible for the professional to provide it at my house or office?
    Yes. You will have to check if the professional you have chosen provides home service. Important: not all service categories allow home service.
  • checkIf the service is provided by video call, how can I connect the call?
    You can join by an updated browser (we recommend Google Chrome) or to connect by Android or iOS smartphone from VEEDEEO mobile app (available for free download at GooglePlay and Apple stores)
  • checkIt is impossible for me to physically attend meet the professional. Can I have a video call instead?
    If the professional offers the services also by video call, you can ask to change the type of service. To do so, please contact our support team at least 24 hours prior to the scheduled day and time and request the change. After changing to video call, you will receive a confirmation email with the video call access link.
  • checkIf I dislike the service of the professional can I be reimbursed?
    You can be reimbursed according to plausible cause, considering it does not violate our Discrimination Policy and it not directly related to the quality of the service or your expectations of it. Possible causes for a a reimbursement: a) professional misconduct; b) session not held; c) disrespect for the rules of conduct, Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy of the VEEDEEO GURU; among others. To request the reimbursement, please contact our support team and expose your case.
  • checkCan I resquest an invoice?
    Yes. After service is provided you can request the invoice at the session management page. The issuing of receipts and invoices is of the responsibility of the service provider.