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If you are a service provider you must be at VEEDEEO GURU!

VEEDEEO GURU is an eCommerce platform where companies and independent professionals of the most diverse areas can sell their services to clients from all over the country with all the security and comfort.


Sell services online

When you signup you get your own exclusive profile page with your service price and description. Customers can easily buy and book your services on the platform, safe and automated.

Online teacher


Support for all kinds of services

Provide services in person in your office, store or clinic or remotely by video call. You can also provide services’ at your customer’s house (available at selected categories). By providing services remotely, you easy reach customers all over the country!



Stand out from the crowd

Take advantage of the marketing tools that the platform offers and surprise your customers with exclusive discounts, pre-session messages or first free consultation.


Why register?

Greater exposure

Increase the online presence of your business. Allow your services to be researched, compared and sold on the largest service portal in the country and grow your customers through e-commerce.

Booking management

Get automatic SMS and email alerts of your bookings and messages from customers. Manage your bookings and confirm session dates through our online app.

Guaranteed payments

All services booked through VEEDEEO GURU are only confirmed after payment. This way we assure our services are duly paid.



  • checkHow much does it cost to register and create my profile?
    Is free. There are no service registration and profile maintenance costs associated.
  • checkWhat kind of service providers can register?
    Both independent professionals and service companies can register in the available service categories in each country.
  • checkDo I need any degree or certificate to register in the platform?
    VEEDEEO GURU was designed with all service providers and service companies in mind. If you are expert in any subject and want to share your knowledge, you are in the right place.

    Nevertheless, some professional orders require they professionals to be duly accredited, registered and identified by the respective professional order’s number, such as nutricionists, psychologists, lawyers, physicians, and others.
  • checkWhat type of services can I register in VEEDEEO GURU?
    The plataform was created for service providing "per session", for instance consultations, classes or other type of "live" sessions (those which normaly require an interaction between professional and customer, in person or remotely. Customer pays one determined price for each session (for instance, 25,00€).

    The platform is not yet prepared for services by project (that require variable budgets), but this feature is on our road map.
  • checkCan I be a customer and service provider at the same time?
    Of course! You can enjoy other professionals’ services and be registered as a professional yourself on the platform.
  • checkIf the registration is free, how does VEEDEEO GURU pays it’s bills?
    For each sold session on the platform, VEEDEEO GURU charges a fixed fee (included in the price paid by the Customer).

    If you sell your services by 30,00 EUR and the VEEDEEO GURU fee is 5,00 EUR, you will be paid 25,00 EUR for each session you sell.

    You can verify the value of the fee in your profile management page and simulate the net value you get for each sold session sessão: when you insert a value, our system automatically calculates your final payment, so feel free to test until you are satisfied with the final amount.

    This fee is only charged when a Customer buys your service on VEEDEEO GURU and is necessary for us to keep working on improvements and updates to the platform and therefor help the registered professionals to succeed.
  • checkHow does the Customer pay for my service?
    Customer can pay by Paypal or credit card.
    VEEDEEO GURU retains the payment until the session is concluded.
  • checkWhen and how do I get paid?
    All payments are made after the service is provided, monthly between day 3 and 10 of each month.

    Payments are made through PayPal or bank transfer directly into your bank account.

    If you do not have a PayPal account yet, signup free at If you prefer the bank transfer, you must fill in your IBAN in the profile page (note: this data is private and NOT shared in any third parties. For further details, consult or Privacy Policy).
  • checkWhy profiles must be verified and validated before being published?
    Verification also helps analysing your profiles potential. Sometimes is necessary to change the profile picture, switch categories ou modify any detail, and we help you optimize your profile to attract the customers you want.

    Besides, we must ensure the quality of the registered profiles and services to avoid fake profiles or abusive words that violate our Terms of Service.
  • checkCustomer can buy my services through VEEDEEO GURU and come to my office?
    Yes, of course! You can also provide your services by video call or at your customer’s house (this option is available in selected categories).

    You can define all options in your profile page.

    If the session is to happen in your office, Customer can present you a QR code that directly connects to the session web page, where you can check the scheduled date, Customer’s name, the service Customer bought and other information.

    Booking and buying through VEEDEEO GURU gives all parties the advantage of easy payments and session management, higher visibility or recognition online (based on your customers rates and comments) and process automation (VEEDEEO GURU send reminders, confirmations and the necessary instructions).
  • checkFor remote services, how do I connect to the video call?
    Connect to the video call from your PC using an updated browser (we recommend Google Chrome) or from your Android or iOS smartphone using free VEEDEEO mobile app (available at Google Play and Apple stores).
  • checkI had an unforseen event and can not provide the service at confirmed the date and time. What can I do?
    First of all, we advise you to inform the Customer (use the messaging service of the platform).

    Next, contact our support team to reschedule the session. If the Customer does not want to reschule, he will be fully reimbursed.
  • checkCan I refuse a customer?
    Yes, you can refuse a customer providing there is a plausible reason that complies with our Discrimination Policy.

    Possible reasons to refuse a custumer might be, but not limited to:

    a) unability to reconcile schedules;
    b) customer behavior was inadequate while exchanging messages;
    c) customer frequently buys sessions but does not attend.

    To refuse a customer, simply do it in the session management page. If you need any help, contact our support team. Note that, if you refuse a customer, they will ne reimbursed.
  • checkI do not agree with the comment a customer left on my profile. Can it be removed?
    Ratings and comments help other customers decide to buy a service from a professional and we try to publish all comments, even the least favorable ones (provided they comply with our Discrimination Policy), to increase credibility and transparency.

    In any case if you consider the comment to be untrue, get in touch with our support team to analyze and deliberate about the comment in question.
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