Are you an independent professional and you want to start an online business, but don't know where to start?

In the VEEDEEO GURU virtual marketplaces you can sell your services online trough video calls. If you are an independent professional and you are willing to adopt new ways of taking care of your customers, follow these steps to open your new online business.

All-in-one, integrated system. Get paid securely. Create profile for free.

[1]Become a Guru

Create your free profile.

chevron_rightChoose your marketplace

chevron_rightName your fields of expertise and what makes you the best professional in your marketplace

chevron_rightSet the price and duration of your sessions

chevron_rightTell if you are available for sessions in the moment, booking, free sessions and receiving messages

Create profile

Creating a winning profile

The better your profile, the more chance you have to receive bookings. Check our tips and tricks on creating a great Guru profile:

How to create a successful profile

[2]Make your profile public

Ready? Set. Go!

chevron_rightWhen your profile is completed, submit it for review. Review is important to assure the quality of the profiles that are submited

chevron_rightReview usually takes a few hours, so make sure you check your inbox. If changes are necessary, our team will get in touch with you

chevron_rightWhen your profile is approved, it will be automatically published in the marketplace

chevron_rightNow your customers can search for your profile and book sessions with you online

[3]Promote your profile

Make use of the promotion kit we have prepared for you

chevron_rightShare your Guru profile on your social media

chevron_rightSend an e-mail to all of your contacts with a link to your profile

chevron_rightInform your customers that now they can also buy your services online

Multiple engagement options

Your customers can reach out to you in many different ways:

chevron_rightRequest a free presentation session

chevron_rightSend you a message

chevron_rightBuy and start a session on the moment

chevron_rightBook a paid session

[4]Get bookings

Booked sessions

chevron_rightCustomer will propose up to 3 dates for the session

chevron_rightThe session date will be confirmed by you according to your schedule. If none of the dates work for you, you can always suggest an alternative

chevron_rightDuring the whole process, you can always message your customer

chevron_rightOnce the customer pays, the session is booked. On the schedule date and time you can meet in a video call from your smartphone or computer using a compatible browser

Sessions on the moment

chevron_rightWhen you are logged in to your VEEDEEO GURU profile, customers will be able to see if you are online

chevron_rightCustomer may start a chat in real-time with you and request a session for the moment

chevron_rightIf you accept the session, customer will make the payment using PayPal or Credit Card

chevron_rightWhen payment is received, you both are redirected to a virtual meeting room to have your video call

[5]After the session

Receive your payment

chevron_rightAt the end of the session, your customer will be asked to leave a public review on your profile

chevron_rightYou receive your payment according to your profile preferences (weekly or monthly)

Promote a follow-up session

chevron_rightCustomer did enjoy your service? Great! Invite him to book a new online session

chevron_rightDid you get a great review? Share it on social media so that otherscan get interested in your services

[faqs]Frequently asked questions

  • checkHow much does it cost to create my Guru profile?
    Creating and maintaining a profile on VEEDEEO GURU is 100% free.
  • checkDo I need to have a degree or any certificate to create a profile?
    No, VEEDEEO GURU was created with every type of professional in mind. If you are expert in a subject and want to share your knowledge, you came to the right place.
  • checkIs there any cost for using the VEEDEEO GURU video call service?
    There is a cost for using the video call service, which means that for every session you sell there is a fee that is charged. However, the fee is included in the price paid by the costumer. You can check the value of the fee on your profile. When you insert the price you wish to charge, the sistem automatically calculates how much you will receive, so you can try several times until your finally happy with your price.
  • checkHow do I get paid?
    Your payment is made via Paypal (if you have not yet created your free account, you can do it at You can opt to be paid monthly or weekly.
  • checkHow does the customer pay for my service?
    Our platform accepts PayPal and Credit Card payments.
  • checkWhy does my profile need to be verified before becoming public?
    We want to assure maximum quality so you can attract the right customers. We help you build a complete profile, accurate about your professional experience, before it becomes public.
  • checkI had an unexpected event and now I’m not able to provide with the service at the confirmed date. What can I do?
    First of all, we advise you to notify your customer by sending a message through our platform. Then get in touch with our support team to reschedule your session. Note that if the customer can not reschedule the session, he/she will be refunded.
  • checkCan I refuse a customer?
    You can refuse a customer as long as there is a plausible justification that does not violate our Discrimination Policy. Some possible motives to refuse a customer can be impossibility to conciliate schedules, inadequacy when exchanging messages, not appering, among others. This motives must be shared with our suport team in order to be annalised. Note that if you refuse a client, he/she will always be refunded.